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Beautiful Series

Beautiful Series

Love, Laughter and LOTS of spice 🌶️

Look Inside - excerpt

“I thought you’d both agreed to be friends. I don’t understand the need for secrecy.” 

“Well…” It’s my turn to nervously adjust the cutlery on my plate. “It’s because we’re on the boss’s radar after getting hauled into Priya’s office. We don’t want to get fired. And… we’re a little more than just friends now,” I say, meeting David’s eyes to take in his reaction. 

Keeping his expression even, he sits back in his seat and runs a hand down the front of his shirt, smoothing out his tie. “How much more?” 

I bounce a shoulder. “I don’t know yet. A little? I mean, we have vague plans to maybe see each other this weekend. And I already read him the riot act.” 

His brow lifts. “The riot act?”

“Yeah. It’s new. It’s the one where I insist he treats you the same way he’d treat a female best friend. I told him I wouldn’t be forced to choose again.” 

Folding his arms across his middle, his eyes stray towards the band as the intro to Step by Step plays. “That sounds serious.” 

“I felt the need to set some ground rules early this time.” 

He looks to the band again. “Wanna dance?” A grin curves his mouth as he nods to the dance floor, suddenly filling with people. 

“New Kids on the Block is playing. Of course, I want to dance.” 

Standing up, he holds out his hand. “Come on then.” 

We slide seamlessly into the growing crowd, David bouncing his shoulders to the music before performing a suave little spin that has me giggling and dancing along, singing lyrics I’ve learned by heart. We dance to covers of Jennifer Lopez, Destiny’s Child and Backstreet Boys. David has all the moves, knows all the words, and stays true to his word, keeping his focus only on me. No distractions. 

“Sway with me,” he says with a lazy smile as the intro to Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing plays. With a quick glance around the dance floor, I see everyone coupling up or holding hands with friends. 

“This feels like one of those scenes in the movies,” I say as I step into his waiting arms. 

He quirks a brow, his arms settling around my waist. “And what scenes are those?” 

I thread my fingers together behind his neck, looking into his happy eyes, a smile becoming a permanent fixture on my face. “Oh, you know. The ones when high school friends suddenly realise they like each other as more than friends. A total cliché, but we all love a slow dance first kiss.” I giggle a little then rest my head on his shoulder, enjoying the sensation of being in his arms, feeling safe and protected. 

“As I recall, your first kiss had nothing to do with dancing,” he says, his nose in my hair. 

“No.” I lift my head and meet his eyes. “Someone stole my first kiss through an open window.” 

With his trademarked cheeky grin, he brushes the back of his fingers along my jaw and tucks my hair behind my ear. “At least you don’t deny it now.

“How could I? We had our first fight over it.”

“And I guess I just kept fucking things up from there.” 

I release a charged breath, hating that David feels in anyway responsible for the hurt I’ve been through. “No, David. You valued our friendship, and you’ve always been there for me. Always. Even back then, when I asked you to give me more, I understood why you couldn’t. And you know what? I'm glad.” 

“You are?” 

“Yeah. Because we’ve had eleven years together as best friends. Imagine you’d given in and been my first everything? It would have changed us. In the beginning things would have been great. But as time went on and our lives changed, we’d feel stuck together because we didn’t want to lose our best friend as well as our partner.” I shift my hand to the side of his face, running my thumb lightly against his stubble. “What is it you use to say to me? Better to be a friend forever than a lover for a moment.” He nods once to confirm it. “You were right. I’ll take forever as your friend any day of the week. I love you. I love what you are to me. Just as you are.” 

“Trina.” With a deep sigh, he pulls me against him, hugging me tight as we continue to sway lightly to the music, breathing each other in. When I'm with David and all his attention is on me I feel like the centre of the universe. He’s so damn charismatic, and I can understand why women flock to him, why men are jealous of him. And I realise that I'm jealous of him too. I wish to my very core that I had his confidence, his zest for life. It’s never mattered what negative shit was going on, he always had a smile and the desire for a good time. He makes the world fun, and he needs to know that I don’t resent him any of that. He is who he is and I accept him. 

“I’m sorry if I’ve ever made you feel like you weren’t enough,” I say over his shoulder. He twitches like he wants to move so he can see my face, but I hold him tight, preferring to say this part without eye contact. “That day when you asked me what I wanted from you; it hurt me. Not just because of the way you did it, but because you touched on a nerve. If I’m honest, somewhere inside me, I’ve always thought you slept with those girls because you didn’t want me; that maybe I wasn’t pretty enough or desirable enough. You kept telling me you didn’t want a relationship with anyone, but I wasn’t listening. I just kept hearing that you didn’t want a relationship with me.” With that part said, I pull back and meet his eyes, a swirl of confused emotion as they lock with mine. “I was wrong to think that. I was wrong to put that negativity on you, to tease you or try and make you feel guilty for your choices. You were honest. Always. And I’m sorry for pushing you like that. It was cruel and judgemental and I really am sorry.” 

His eyes move between mine, his lips slightly parted like he’s searching for something to say but can’t find the words. I place my hands on either side of his face and smile up at him tenderly. “You, David Taylor, are the best person I know. And I never want you to change.”

“What if I want to change?” 

“Then you’ll still be my best friend,” I say, wrapping my arms around him in a tight hug. 

“Your best friend,” he repeats.

I squeeze him tighter. “Always. Thank you so much for tonight.” It’s just what we needed to clear the air and strengthen our bond before anything more serious happens between Elliot and me. David needs to know that our friendship is safe and secure. 

With his chin tucked against my neck, he breathes in deep. “I love you, baby girl.” 

“I love you too. Best friends forever?” I pull back and look him in the eye. 

“Yeah. Best friends forever,” he echoes, bringing me close until the slow song is over.

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A six-ebook bundle of standalones, linked by friendship and family. Each book is filled with angsty-goodness, a splash of comedy and a big helping of heat to keep you reading to the early hours of the morning.

Tropes in the series: 

✅Friends to lovers

✅best friend’s brother

✅found family

✅forbidden office relationships

✅love triangles

✅love after loss

✅second chance at love

✅and so much more…

What’s the series about?

In book one, Katrina Mahoney is starting her first day as the part-time librarian at the law firm Turner, Barlow & Smith in Sydney. She gets off to a rocky start but during her tour of the office, she meets one of the junior solicitors, Elliot Roberts. 

She catches Elliot's attention before long, and at an after-work function they end up sharing a passionate kiss in front of far too many witnesses. This causes gossip at work and strains Katrina’s relationship with her long-time best friend, David. 

Katrina continues her romance with Elliot in secret, going running and to the gym with him during lunch breaks. They are very attracted to each other but know they could both lose their jobs if their relationship is discovered due to the firm's strict no-dating policy. 

Katrina's childhood best friend David is sceptical of her relationship with Elliot and warns her not to date men in secret after her last boyfriend treated her so poorly. He gets into an argument with her about it, and it doesn’t take long before Katrina realises she’ll have to choose between two loves. But how does she choose between a man who only wants her in secret and one who only wants her as a friend?

Included in the Bundle: 

Best friends forever has a different meaning when you’re hopelessly in love with your best friend. He wants to keep you in the friend zone. You want more. Is it time to move on?

Dark pasts don't lead to bright futures when you've only known rejection. Love becomes a fairytale that only exists in children's minds.
When a man enters your world and refuses to quit on you, forgiving yourself becomes the biggest obstacle. 

One band, two brother, and the girl who’ll tear it all apart. Jealousy is a time bomb when brothers fight over the only girl they’ve ever cared about. Who will win? 

Fame and fortune isn't all it's cracked up to be. It's lonely and full of fake friends. When a woman turns up who doesn't know your name, it's a chance for normalcy. Problem is, she hates famous people and doesn't want the attention.

Interviewing the rich and famous is one thing, but being thrust into the spotlight in the midst of a paparazzi storm wasn't part of the deal. 

Going back was never part of the plan. But when a charity event pops up that he can't say no to, he has to face the fact the girl who got away will be there.

Plus, you get ‘The Beauty in Between’. FOUR FREE NOVELLAS that are connected to the series, all exploring back stories or weddings of popular characters. 

Filled with fun-loving, cheeky Aussie characters, you’ll fall in love and wish you were part of the found family in the Beautiful Series by Lilliana Anderson. 


Love, Lust and Everything in between! Lillana does an amazing job pulling you into the life and love triangle of Katrina by making you really fall in love (or hate) with the characters. The book is full of romance, desire, loathing, hurt... I mean.. All the feels and emotions! It's definitely an adult read! - Heather Sutton ★★★★★ stars 

Never have I been so totally and utterly gutted by a book on page 5, that is until I read Struggle.I was speechless and left thinking how, and most importantly WHY?
Struggle is a story of friendship, a story of love, and a story of survival.
I couldn't put this book down until I knew how it ended, and I absolutely loved how it ended. Margaret Neal ★★★★★ stars 

Intense Romance! Such an emotional story. When you love something set it free? Thats the old saying, if it was truly yours it will come back, something like that.
That saying well that says it all about this book but with alot of emotions and drama involved. The book is intense and fascinating. - Vinessa Donatelli Wooten ★★★★ stars

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