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Cupcake (Sweet Curves, book 10)

Cupcake (Sweet Curves, book 10)

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Cupcakes. They’re not my life. But they’ve certainly become my daily bread. As the salesperson for a pop-up cake stand, I get a bonus every time I sell those sweet little suckers out. And I do. My grandfather says I could sell sand in the desert if I had to. And I suppose I could—if it meant putting food on our table and keeping a roof over our heads. I do what I have to to make ends meet.

That’s how I meet him.

Drake Grant. Blue eyes, salt and pepper hair, and a smile that almost makes me forget my name.

He buys the final box of cupcakes at a ‘bargain’ price. And when I see him again the next day, I think it’s because he did his math and realised that was no bargain at all.

I couldn’t be more wrong.

Turns out he owns a big chain of car detailers, and he wants someone to join the sales team for his line of custom products. He offers me a job. A job that could change my life.

Now I just have to try not to fall in love with my new boss.

Shouldn’t be too hard…

Note: Get your cupcake on a plate, because this 75-page quick and cheeky read is over-the-top, and oh, so fun. It’s filled with tension-filled moments and frustrated sighs between a curvy girl and the hottest CEO you’ve ever seen.

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