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Fool Me Twice (Cartwright Brothers, book one)

Fool Me Twice (Cartwright Brothers, book one)

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‘Some men bought their women flowers, others bought jewellery. Mine? He returned the things he stole.’

I wish my life was a romantic comedy. There, I said it. I’m so addicted to those things I can recite Pretty Woman word for word. I watch constantly for my personal Edward to come and sweep me off my feet with his searing gaze and buckets of money. But, I’m no Vivienne. And I’m definitely not a lady of the night.

No. I’m a slightly homely, slightly round drama teacher with a karaoke addiction and delusions of grandeur. And I’m lonely. Very, deeply, lonely.

So when a heart-stoppingly gorgeous man notices me belting out a Meghan Trainor hit, I don’t even hesitate in asking him home.

Nathaniel Cartwright rocks my world, calls me beautiful then steals everything I own.

That’s right, ladies and gentleman, the man is a thief. Part of a band of five brothers who make a living off lonely women like me.

With my blood boiling, I drag my best friend along as I hunt down the man who embarrassed me and fooled me into thinking love at first sight might exist.

It’s when I confront him that things get really crazy...

Crazy hot.

Is my version of Edward a romance novel reading thief? Or am I just some glorified captive he’ll throw away when he’s done?

Find out in Fool Me Twice, a full length standalone novel from bestselling Australian author, Lilliana Anderson.

**Special Edition features discreet illustrated cover and enhanced interior formatting


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