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Peaches & Cream (Sweet Curves, book 9)

Peaches & Cream (Sweet Curves, book 9)

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Peaches and cream. For a southern girl like me, those flavors represent my home. So when I make it to the semi-final round of a baking contest, and Southern sweets is is the theme, I think I have this in the bag.

I don’t.

I come second.

To a man named, Ben Watson. And he’s not even Southern! Or American.

I’m insulted.

To add insult to injury, the final round has us working as a team, being judged on how well we teach a recipe as much as we’re judged on our cooking ability.

Part of being Southern means that no matter what, you’re always polite. But I cannot be polite to this man. He’s ruining my hopes and dreams, and even worse, he’s setting my panties on fire while he’s doing it.

Note: Put a pie in the oven, because this quick read is cheeky and over-the-top. It’s filled with 48 pages of tension-filled instalove and heated moments between a curvy girl and the hottest pastry chef you’ve ever seen.

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