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Star (Beautiful Series, book five)

Star (Beautiful Series, book five)


A rock star walks into a room and chokes a movie star before throwing a chair through the window...

Sounds like the start of a bad joke. But it’s my reality when I get caught up in the midst of a paparazzi storm brought on by my best friend and her secrets.

As a journalist, I’m normally on the other side of the news. When I spend a night hiding from the cameras with Australia’s hottest commodity, movie star Jonathan Masters, I’m thrust into the spotlight and it’s not a fun place to be.

I want my life to go back to normal, but that won’t happen for three reasons:
1. Jonathan Masters thinks he owes me for saving his life.
2. Jonathan Masters keeps showing up uninvited and the cameras follow.
3. Jonathan Masters is engaged.

Maybe it’s only one real reason - Jonathan Masters.
And he’s ruining my life.

I’ll admit that with his God-like looks, charming personality and sex appeal by the bucketful, he’s hard to ignore. But his reputation precedes him, and since I’ll never be the other woman, he’s wasting his time and mine. Besides, I’m already taken. I’m dating a celebrity chef...

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