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Whoa! I Married a Billionaire (Wedded Curves, book 2)

Whoa! I Married a Billionaire (Wedded Curves, book 2)

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You never truly know a man until you share a bank account.

That’s something my granny used to say growing up. I never put much stock in it. Mainly because I never cared about money, only the man. But when I married Danny Cardiff, I finally understood what she meant.

When I said, ‘I do’ I thought it was to a mild mannered ex-marine turned business analyst who spent more time working at home than in the office. But when we went on our honeymoon, I realized just how wrong I was.

There was a private jet.

We had an entire island to ourselves.

Staff to cater to every whim.

When I grew concerned over how we could afford this, he broke the news.

He’s a billionaire. Whoa!

But now I’m wondering what other secrets he’s hiding.


Note: set your heart a flutter with this over-the-top billionaire who sweeps his curvy bride off her feet and teaches her that love is always bigger than money. As always, this Megan Wade book comes with her ‘Sugar Promise’. High heat, low drama, guaranteed.

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